What People Say

A few things those we have worked with have to say

I have been in the field for 19 years now and it was so refreshing to see someone so proficient, passionate, and dedicated to her craft. You were amazing to watch and I’m excited about trying the new things I took away from the session. As a former principal who returned to the classroom because it is what I love doing, I am glad to see that you truly love what you are doing. Wishing you the best always!
Teacher, Jericho, NY
Welcome back to Manhasset where both of you have cultivated a great professional relationship with our teachers and members of our admin team.

The teachers involved in the Reading Pilot seemed to be off to a good start thanks to yesterday’s meeting as a significant amount was discussed.
Superintendent, Manhasset, NY
I was so overcome with emotion at how hard my teachers had worked to apply all that they had learned from you this week. It was clearly evident that many of them had stayed after work to redo their walls, bringing those anchor charts back to the forefront. They also revised their schedules and established new routines to support their Workshops. I saw kids reading back-to-back; I saw teachers conferring softly with individual students; I saw interactive writing, shared writing, and more.

It has been such an emotional week for all of us, Erik. Thank you for getting us recalibrated and heading back in the right direction!

Eternally grateful
Director of Early Childhood, Clearwater, FL
I wanted to provide some feedback on the Conferring with Readers workshop on 12/1/15. I thought the workshop was outstanding and he was an equally strong presenter. The information was valuable, useful, and in line with what I had learned previously about reading conferences. I’ve already shared what I’ve learned with a number of teachers.
Principal, Medford Township, NJ
Thanks so much for everything. You have made a significant impact on our teachers and most importantly on our students. Thank you!
Principal, Manhasset, NY
Thank you for taking the time out of your summer schedule to come and inspire our teachers in Schenectady. Your key note and closing were amazing! I was inspired to stand up for my students and won’t soon forget the impact we have on those students who need us most.
2nd Grade Teacher, Schenectady, NY
A few weeks ago, I was named Elementary Principal of the Year for our district, and would not have been possible without you and the incredible work you have done with our staff. Parkwood has become a true staff development site due to the successful implementation of Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, and you are the force behind that. I hope you realize the positive impact you have on all of the people you train…you change their teaching forever. I cannot thank you or Terri enough for all you’ve done…
Principal, Deer Park, TX